SEO and Terminologies of SEO

SEO and Terminologies of SEO

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization

 What is Search Engine?   

Search Engine is a website which contains almost every data that is shared on Internet. In 1998, Google was started as Search Engine.

Top Search Engines



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Those search engines works at different country and in different places and do different types of searches.

Percentage of Usages Search Engines:

65% people in the world use Google as the Search Engine.

80%, 8% and 7% searches done by Google, Bing and Yandex respectively. 

When a website rank on Google first page, the website has done SEO properly that’s why the website is on the top

Algorithm: Every Search Engine uses bots to crawl a search results.

Google Algorithm: Google Algorithm is always changing mode.When Google understand people understand Google bots then Google Updates it’s algorithm.

That’s why SEO changes day by Day.


1. Black Hat SEO

2. Grey Hat SEO

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3. White Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO Methods

It’s is basically uses spamming method to rank content in Google.This force Google to rank content at any cost and this is short term Methods

White Hat SEO 

It’s use organic method to share content with Google and let the search engine automatically rank out content on basis of it’s on factors. This ranks content slowly but brings huge number of organic traffic to your websites.

Grey Hat SEO

It’s the mixer of White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO.

It’s share content with Google at the same time use Black Hat SEO techniques to rank content on Google.

Types of Traffic

What is Organic Traffic?

Traffic comes directly from search engines is called organic traffic.

What is Bot Traffic?

Traffic generates from various types softwares or apps or websites automatically is known as bot bot traffic.

Common Terminologies in SEO

Algorithm: The method used by any search engine or any website to do a function is known as algorithm.

Google- Ranking Algorithm

Crawling: Data collect from various site and shows in the search results this is known as spiders or Automatic Bots.

Indexing: It decides where to put your content on Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs.

Robots.TXT : Directly put into your domain. Robots.TXT file allows search engines to index website except specific pages which you don’t want to index.


Any query you search or type any text on search bar on Google or search engines is known as Keyword.

Keyword Density: How many times you use a keyword in your article or content.

According to SEO your keyword density can be at best 3% per 1k words.

SERP: SERP stands for Search Engine Result Page.

Rich Snippet: The preview of your content in search engine is known as Rich Snippet.

Backlink: Backlink is known as link building.

For example: Site A published a content containing a external link to site “B” then we say it site A has given a backlink to site B Because this external link pointing back to Site B from site A.

Anchor Text

You use a html tag that contain a URL and tex that is known as Anchor Text.

For example:

<a href=”www.techtrickhd .com”>Type Any Text(Anchor Text)</a>

Inbound Link:

If your website gives a link to site B then site B can say that I have inbound link from your site.

Outbound Link:

If your website gives a link to site B then You can say that I have outbound link to site B.

Internal Linking:

This is very much important for SEO. Internal linking is used in content. You linked your published content with each other through the keywords in an article. This is basically linking links in your domain.

ALT Text: When you upload an image on your website you must use ALT text to that image because search engine does not understand image it’s only understand text, So you must use ALT text to you uploaded image

On Page SEO:

If you think on page SEO is only Article or content based,then you are wrong.

Factors of On Page SEO

• Keyword Implement

• Speed Optimization

• Image Optimization

• Content Formating

• Web Designing

Within your website whatever optimization you do is known as your on page SEO.

Off Page SEO

Whatever optimization you  outside of your website is Off-page SEO.

Factors of Off Page SEO:  

• Backlink

• Social Sharing

• Video Sharing

• Directory Submission

• much more

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Over Optimization

One site- Billions of backlinks (spam)

Suppose you required 3% keyword density you used 9% keyword density then it is over optimization.

Tag Optimization

This is only visible to search engine

Factors of Tag Optimization:

• Title Tag

• Description Tag

• Keyword


Also read:

Domain Authority (DA):

Domain reputation in search engine. DA is measured between 1 to 100. The higher the value the more powerful your domain.

Page Authority (PA):

Pages availabled in your domain which are in good reputation.

Feed or RSS

Traffic subscribe your blog through email and your site automatically sent updatesbof new posted article to that email.

• Mailchimp

• Moneymail


Sitemap: This is a road map to your complete website in a single document

Bounce Rate:

When a visitor visits your site and open your content and leave your content without reading it, this is known as bounce rate.

You must decrease your bounce rate to increase ranking.

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This is all about SEO and Terminologies of SEO.

Let me know your valuable opinion.

Thank You.   

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